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Spring Grinding
Better Performance - Higher Profits

New technology in grinding wheels improves spring quality and boosts productivity for increased profits.

Our product is not just another new spring
grinding wheel, it is a technologically improved ceramic grain abrasive disc wheel that consistently results in a longer operational life, reduced dressing requirements and all round more efficient production.

Longer lasting: These spring grinding products last at least twice
as long as competitive types with reports of even up to five times the life of other abrasives. Additionally, dressing tools used on our wheels last longer for substantial savings in time and money.

Cooler-cutting: The cooler-cutting characteristics of our wheels result in diminished "burn" and fewer quality problems resulting from heat damaged springs and because our grinding disc wheels cut significantly cooler, the spring manufacturer can increase machining speeds to boost production
rates. Some of our customers have reported outputs increased by as much as 50%.

What sizes do we produce? We produce disc sizes from 200 to
914 mm in diameter; typical standard sizes being 400, 450, 500, 600, 650/660, 762 and 914 mm OD, and usable thickness up to 101.6 mm. The wheels can be used on a wide array of spring materials including stainless steel, chrome alloy, music wire and many others.

Materials: In fact, one of our customers reported that our wheel was the only one that could cut their heavy gauge 17-7 PH stainless steel wire springs. Many more comment on the quick cutting action of our wheels. In many instances, customers are able to increase their output per hour. Also, many
remark on the improved finish and cooler cutting, which results in fewer rejected parts.

Another common comment from our customers is that these grinding wheels hold their shape better, therefore, they require much less dressing which reduces the downtime on the machine.

Performance made possible by a special chemical compound:

Superior results are achieved using conventional resin wheels with a proprietary blend of fillers and grain. The unique properties of our wheels come from a specialised mixture of ceramic grain, backing grains and fillers.

The ceramic grain is a hybrid form of A1203 with a very fine crystal structure. This structure causes ceramic grain to remain extremely sharp and durable. The ceramic grain is very friable, continually fracturing along its fine crystal facets, always exposing a sharp edge. The grain refuses to dull, therefore it is not pulled free from the bond until it is completely worn out.

Technical Expertise: Our technical experts are committed to quality. Through a continuous process improvement programme and a one at a time production methodology, supported by statistical process control (SPC), we ensure that each disc, segment or wheel is manufactured correctly. All products are made to our customers' exact specifications.

The benefits of our grinding wheels will be readily apparent in the increased quality of your spring products as well as in your profit margins.

Trials: We also offer wheels on a trial basis with our "Payment by results" policy which allows potential customers to try our new grinding products with absolutely no cost if they are not satisfied.

At Jowitts, we have engineers standing by who are ready to answer any questions over the telephone. Additionally, engineers located regionally provide quick and comprehensive field support.

Our technical staff can work with you to develop a grinding system best suited to the application requirements.

We consider the total spring grinding environment and then make recommendations to optimise your grinding operation.

This remarkable new technology is especially designed for the spring industry, specifically on gradual feed machines and hard to grind wire, although success has also been achieved on crash grinding applications/machines. Tests conducted at spring manufacturers throughout the world have been extremely impressive.

Some Case Studies: The following case studies are typical of what is being achieved using Jowitts new technology.

Test 1: Grinding a mix of stainless steel, oil tempered music wire and chrome silicon springs, 1.6 mm to 6.8 mm diameter wire on a 660 mm Gardner disc grinder.

Result 1: Wheel life is doubled and dress frequency is lowered.

Test 2: Grinding mixture of 303 stainless steel and chrome silicon wire on a 762 mm Gardner spring grinder.

Result 2: Wheel life is increased by over 150% and dress frequency is reduced by 20%.

Test 3: Grinding 4.88 mm diameter 303 stainless steel wire on a 450 mm OMD down-feed spring grinder.

Result 3: Wheels last 2.4 times longer with no burning and less frequent dress cycle.

Test 4: Grinding chrome silicon automotive valve springs on a 914 mm Besley tandem grinder.

Result 4: 1 million pieces were achieved on the roughers and 1.8 million springs on the finishers. Dress frequency was reduced and there was less loss to burned parts as a result of how cool the wheels cut.

Contact us: To receive additional information or to arrange a trial period where you can learn the benefits of our products first hand, click here contact our offices.

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