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Grits and Grains

The abrasive grains in a grinding wheel are its cutting points. These grains come in many materials, shapes and sizes.

Most grains come in a variety of shapes which govern their specific gravity and their cutting performance.

Typical types of grit:
Aluminium Oxide
    • Regular Brown:
      • Tough form of aluminium oxide.
      • 96% pure. Hardness around 18.5 GPa.
      • Toughness imparted by metal oxides.
      • For grinding high tensile strength materials, as well as rough grinding, deburring, snagging, cutting and fettling of low-alloy, ferrous materials.
    • White:
      • High friability.
      • 99% pure. Hardness around 19.5 GPa.
      • Friability imparts high speed and cool cutting grinding characteristics, making it suitable for grinding hardened and high alloy steels up to 62 Rc.
    • Pink:
      • Slightly less friable than white but a little tougher
      • pink in colour due to the addition of metal oxides.
      • 99% pure. Hardness around 19.0 GPa Knoop.
      • Can be used in similar applications to WA and in particular highly alloyed tool steels
Silicon Carbide
    • Black:
      • Harder than aluminium oxide at 24 GPa but more brittle.
      • Used when grinding low tensile materials like cast iron, non-ferrous and non-metallic.
    • Green:
      • preferred by carbide tool grinders.
    • Zirconia complex.
    • 16 GPa.
    • A tough abrasive which has good thermal stability at grinding temperatures.
    • Tends to be used in steel mills and foundries.
    • A unique microstructure imparts good durability and high stock-removal rates.
    • The combination of hardness and toughness endows this type of grain with the ability to cut both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

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